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[jetty-users] JSP support not configured error

I'm trying to start JETTY 7.0.0.pre5 from start.jar, and I'm running into an issue where if I don't explicitily include a JSp 2.1 library in my WAR's maven dependencies then Maven will not run JSP.

I am running java version "1.6.0_10-rc2", and in the JETTY documentation it says the start.jar should configure the classpath to contain jetty.home/lib/jsp-2.1/*.jar, but running in -DDebug mode I don't see any inclusion of any jsp-*.jar on the classpath (I do see the jsp-2.1-jetty-7.0.0.pre5.jar in lib/jsp-2.1 folder though), here's some of the output I'm seeing.

Also I am running my WebApp context with parentLoaderPriority=true which may affect this.

Also if I include my version of JSP-2.1 (7.0.0pre2 which is the latest I could find) I get a LogFactory.setLogImplClassName missing method error:

~ doug daniels

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