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[jetty-users] Form based JAAS with Jetty 7


I am trying to get FORM based JAAS login in Jetty 7 working with my application. web.xml has login-config, security-role and security- constraint.

I have started to implement my own LoginModule and have created a file named etc/myapplogin.conf with the following content:
  myapp.JettyLoginModule required debug=true;

I start jetty with
java myapplogin.conf -jar start.jar OPTIONS=All

When I go to a JAAS-protected web page and fill in the username/ password, I get a 404. "Problem accessing /myapp/j_security_check. Reason: Not Found".

The docs for JAAS on Jetty 6 mention calling "addUserRealm" in a config file. How can I add in Jetty 7? I keep getting errors like "java.lang.IllegalStateException: No Method: <Call name="addUserRealm">"

Any hints to what I am missing?

 - Tore.

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