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[jetty-users] Update on Jetty7 Release


Moving forward the jetty-distribution will not be located at eclipse
or under the org/eclipse/jetty section of the maven central
repository.  The versions that are there now, M1-4 and RC0-1 are not
going to be maintained moving forward as they do not meet the vigor of
eclipse IP validation.

Instead we are going back to our original approach regarding
distributing jetty where jetty at eclipse produces components that can
be consumed via the normal eclipse/osgi approach and then we maintain
one or more traditional distributions downloads from The Codehaus.
The artifacts from eclipse will still be published to maven central as
they are, so if you are a maven consumer of jetty then nothing changes
here.  Honestly, those artifacts are the mechanic by which we build
our distribution anyway so no worries on that front.  Users of the
more traditional download should experience a minor transition as the
download location changes back to its more original locations of with the addition of the .tgz and
.bz2 downloads to the .zip setup.  The good news is this means that
our distribution bundles will be as feature complete as they were
previously, tying in important integrations, etc.

I'll get more out on this over the next day or two as we get this
wired up on the codehaus side again in svn and align that once more
with a more complete distribution.  The RC2 components have been
released on the eclipse side so we need to get those factored into our
codehaus artifacts and spruce up things.  Minor transitional pain but
will be easily more streamlined moving forward again.

I have updated the eclipse jetty website, taking down the links to the
past distribution downloads.


jesse mcconnell

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