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[jetty-users] jetty 7 release plans

It occurs to me (ok David Jencks pointed it out) that while the
release plan has been talked about on irc extensively we haven't
mailed the lists about it yet.

Since we have passed incubation we are now at the point that we can
look at releasing an official production release based on the jetty 7.
 To that end this is what the schedule is going to look like from here
on out.  It looks like Weds's are going to be our 'release' days for
the next little while.  Yesterday we pushed out the 7.0.0.M4 artifacts
into maven and today we have the update site..err.. updated.

For the next 3 or 4 weeks we plan on starting to release RC0-# until
we are comfortable with the feedback and decide to pull the trigger on
the full on first official jetty7 release.

Documentation for this release has been steadily increasing in the
wiki space at eclipse:

And our general project website at eclipse is coming along well:

The maven artifacts are published here:

For the record, we are continuing to work with two separate bug
tracking systems..

jetty6 ->
jetty7 ->


jesse mcconnell

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