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[jetty-users] Does Jetty-6.x support endorsed dir functionality

Does Jetty support endorsed library through setting java.endorsed.dirs system variable?

Tomcat support endorsed library functionality in which the classes in the endorsed library override the ones in webapp lib.

As mentioned above, the web application class loader diverges from the default Java 2 delegation model (in accordance with the recommendations in the Servlet Specification, version 2.3, section 9.7.2 Web Application Classloader). When a request to load a class from the web application's WebappX class loader is processed, this class loader will look in the local repositories first, instead of delegating before looking. There are exceptions. Classes which are part of the JRE base classes cannot be overriden. For some classes (such as the XML parser components in J2SE 1.4+), the J2SE 1.4 endorsed feature can be used. Last, any JAR containing servlet API classes will be ignored by the classloader. All other class loaders in Tomcat 6 follow the usual delegation pattern.


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