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[jetty-users] Re: [Jetty-support] Slow transfer speeds Win 2008

Hi Brian,

The jetty list at sourceforge is defunct, so I'm cc'ing the new
jetty list, which is jetty-users@xxxxxxxxxxx.

Probably your best move would have been to ask on the subsonic list.
But, as its a new Jetty Powered product that I didn't know about,
I've had a quick look (thanks for the info!).

I think if you're using the embedded version, you'll have to unjar the subsonic-booter-jar-with-dependencies.jar, as there is
a webdefault.xml file in there, modify it, then re-jar it.

It would be worth mailing the subsonic guys with a suggestion to
provide a mechanism to make the embedded jetty more configurable.


Brian Del Shasta wrote:
I'm hoping someone has some ideas where to start with this issue.
I'm using a program called Subsonic which used embedded Jetty to serve music and video. The problem is I can only get a maximum of 150 KB/s or so. If I run subsonic through tomcat I can get around 800 KB/s. These figures are for my 10 mbps connection downloading from a datacenter that has a 100 mbps upstream. If I am on the same lan as the server I can get speeds of about 1.7 MB/s with Jetty and about 8 MB/s with tomcat. I have found the same results in all windows versions (2003, xp, vista, 2008). From what I've read it seems this may not be an issue in linux, but unfortunatly I have a need to run some other windows only apps on the server so I can't change os's.

I've  already read the information provided here:

but there is no 'webdefault.xml' file and creating one does not seem to work. Therefore, I read this page:

but I'm not certain where to put this file. Whenever I tried creating it, it resulted in a web serving error.

Is there a different method to override settings in embedded Jetty?

Thanks for any help...


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