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[jetty-dev] Eclipse Jetty 9.4.48.v20220622 has been released - EOL NOTICE


The Jetty team is happy to announce the immediate availability of a new release for the Eclipse Jetty 9.4.x branch.
This release includes a number of bug fixes and improvements.

End of Life Notice

Jetty 9.4.x is now at End of Community Support.
See issue for details:

A full list of changes for this release is listed at the end of this email.

This release is available on the Eclipse Jetty project download page or from the Maven Central repository:

Documentation for this release can be found on the Eclipse Jetty project site:

If you find any issues with this release, or if you want to suggest future enhancements, please file an issue on the Jetty GitHub page:

Commercial production and development support for Jetty is offered through Webtide (
Please contact us for more information or email jesse@xxxxxxxxxxx to discuss your specific needs.

Best Regards,
The Jetty Development Team

Jetty 9.4.48.v20220622

#8184 - All suffix globs except first fail to match if path has . character in prefix section

Jetty 9.4.47.v20220610

#8145 - RegexPathSpec backport of optional group name/info lookup if regex fails
#8088 - Add option to configure exitVm on ShutdownMonitor from System properties
#8067 - Wall time usage in DoSFilter RateTracker results in false positive alert
#8014 - Review HttpRequest URI construction
#7976 - Add TRANSFER_ENCODING violation for MultiPart RFC7578 parser.
#7947 - Improved PathSpec handling for servletName & pathInfo
#7935 - Review HTTP/2 error handling
#7918 - PathMappings.asPathSpec does not allow root ServletPathSpec
#7863 - Default servlet drops first accept-encoding header if there is more than one.
#7858 - GZipHandler does not play nice with other handlers in HandlerCollection
#7837 - Fix StatisticsHandler in the case a Handler throws exception.
#7809 - Jetty 9.4.x 7801 duplicate set session cookies
#7748 - Allow overriding of url-pattern mapping in ServletContextHandler to allow for regex or uri-template matching

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