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[jetty-dev] Eclipse Jetty 10.0.9 & 11.0.9 have been released!


The Jetty team is happy to announce the immediate availability of a new release for the Eclipse Jetty 10.0.x and 11.0.x branches.
These releases include a number of bug fixes and improvements.

A full list of changes for these releases are listed at the end of this email.

These releases are available on the Eclipse Jetty project download page or from the Maven Central repository:
Documentation for these releases can be found on the Eclipse Jetty project site:
If you find any issues with these releases, or if you want to suggest future enhancements, please file an issue on the Jetty GitHub page:
Commercial production and development support for Jetty is offered through Webtide ( Please contact us for more information or email jesse@xxxxxxxxxxx to discuss your specific needs.

Best Regards,
The Jetty Development Team

Jetty 10.0.9 and 11.0.9

Full Changelog:
Notable Changes:

#7748 - Allow overriding of url-pattern mapping in ServletContextHandler to allow for regex or uri-template matching
#7677 - jetty-maven-plugin - maven internal dependencies included on webapp classloader
#7657 - Remove unused test imports in jetty-nosql
#7655 - Remove unused imports in jetty-gcloud
#7633 - Make osgi build work with snapshot jsp jars
#7625 - HTTP/3 error against
#7617 - Logback-access RequestLog not working
#7615 - HttpServletResponse.encodeURL not working for URLs starting with ../
#7613 - Configurations.add(Configuration) results in UnsupportedOperationException
#7605 - Honor parameters order when parsing query and form parameters
#7575 - Misleading docs for HttpClientTransportDynamic
#7574 - Turn off peer certificate verification for quic-server by default (@sunng87)
#7573 - WebSockets - "Unsupported PathParam Type: java.lang.Integer"
#7567 - Gzip compression not working for multipart/form-data when added to the allowed list using addIncludedMimeTypes.
#7548 - Interrupt flag is not always cleared in between requests
#7547 - Fix typo in java doc (@kaiyuezhou)
#7545 - Named arguments do not work in jetty-openid.xml
#7544 - Add option to allow well-known directories to be listed.
#7524 - Missing package in JmxConfiguration
#7523 - Typo in AnnotationConfiguration
#7517 - Some ArrayTrie methods throw StackOverflowError when cointaining a very large entry
#7514 - Adding InheritedListeners to already-started components can cause IllegalStateException
#7513 - Getter/setter type mismatch for mbean attribute file in class org.eclipse.jetty.deploy.PropertiesConfigurationManager
#7496 - Transient 400: Bad Request responses
#7430 - Run WebSocket Autobahn test for all Jetty, Javax and Core APIs
#7414 - QoSFilter.setMaxRequests throws NullPointerException
#7344 - Incompatible with jacoco due to shutdown race condition
#7182 - start process should remove jetty_state whenever deleting the pid (@ianrifkin)
#6879 - Remove jminix (not maintained) module as hawtio provide same features
#6282 - SecuredRedirectHandler should probably redirect with 301 (@dellgreen)
#6017 - Property overriding does not work
#5965 - Option --write-module-graph produces wrong .dot file
#5681 - Unrecognized jetty-home/start.jar command line option not reported clearly

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