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[jetty-dev] I can't seem to find compilerfmt.AnnotationInfo

Greetings, I am working on a project where I would like to run jetty embedded. I veered off the path a little and am now having problems. I can't seem to find:


Here is the project.

Forgive me, this is not a plug but I am attempting to write a web framework to work with embedded jetty. So you will need it as well

It started out the project needed the mail dependency, so I fussed with that and finally just removed jndi altogether. I am new, and to be honest don't know anything really about it so I hope that I didn't do something that would work against me.

I'm using the assembly plugin to create a runnable fat jar. I haven't figured out why I am running into so many dependency issues. Any ideas? Any help would be most appreciated. 

Thank you.



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