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[jetty-dev] Thank you! JDK 18 Early Access build 20 is now available
  • From: Rory O'Donnell <rory.odonnell@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 26 Oct 2021 13:28:36 +0100
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Hi Simone,
Thank you.

I'm retiring at the end of November 2021, it's time to spend more time with the family.

We started the Quality Outreach back in October 2014.  We now have 170+ projects participating.
Thank you for taking the time to provide Testing feedback , excellent bugs and support throughout
the last seven years.

It's been a pleasure working with you. I am delighted to say that the program will continue
with the support of the Java DevRel Team, with David Delabassee as your contact. David has
been assisting with on-boarding new projects for the last couple of years.

All the best, Rory

OpenJDK 18 Early Access build 20 is now available at

  • Significant changes since the last availability email:
    • Build 20: 
      • JDK-8275252: Migrate cacerts from JKS to password-less PKCS12 
      • JDK-8275149: (ch) ReadableByteChannel returned by Channels.newChannel(InputStream) throws ReadOnlyBufferException 
      • JDK-8266936: Add a finalization JFR event 
      • JDK-8264849: Add KW and KWP support to PKCS11 provider 
    • Build 19: 
      • JDK-8274840: Update OS detection code to recognize Windows 11 
      • JDK-8274407: (tz) Update Timezone Data to 2021c 
      • JDK-8273102: Delete deprecated for removal the empty finalize() in java.desktop module 
    • Build 18: 
      • JDK-8274656: Remove default_checksum and safe_checksum_type from krb5.conf 
      • JDK-8274471: Add support for RSASSA-PSS in OCSP Response 
      • JDK-8274227: Remove "impl.prefix" jdk system property usage from InetAddress 
      • JDK-8274002: [win11 and winserver2022] JDK executable installer from network drive starts with huge delay 
      • JDK-8273670: Remove weak etypes from default krb5 etype list 
    • Build 17: 
      • JDK-8273401: Disable JarIndex Support In URLClassPath 
      • JDK-8231640: (prop) Canonical property storage 
      • Build 16: 
      • JDK-8269039: Disable SHA-1 Signed JARs

Topics of Interest:

JDK 17:

JDK 18:
Project Panama - Foreign Function & Memory API:
October 2021 Critical Patch Update Released 
  • As part of the October 2021, we released JDK 17.0.1 LTS, JDK 11.0.13 LTS, JDK 8u311 and JDK 7u321 as well as OpenJDK 17.0.1 (publicly available).


Rgds, Rory O'Donnell
Quality Engineering Manager
Oracle EMEA, Dublin, Ireland

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