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[jetty-dev] Are these possible issues?


I am a professional developer and was looking for contributing to FOSS. Since it is my first time contribution and not knowing where to start I cloned jetty project and did the following:

  - I ran a static code analyzer tool on some of the modules. I found a lot of "Null Dereference", and a few "Inefficient Keyset Iterator" issues spit out by the static-code analyzer . The tool I used for analyzing is "fb-infer" from Facebook.

- Another thing I noticed was there were a lot of "TODOs" sprinkled in the code. Should I go ahead and assume that they are really meant as a TODO item and work on that or that they are already done but the tag wasn't removed.

I wanted to know if the aforementioned things would constitute as an issue/bug/enhancement or any other label and is it okay for me to start working on fixing some of them.



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