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[jetty-dev] JDK 14 Early Access build 30 & JDK 15 Early Access build 4 are available.

Hi Simone,

Happy New Year !

Per the JDK 14 schedule , we are now in Rampdown Phase One

Please advise if you have found any issues while testing the latest Early Access build.

  • The overall feature set is frozen.
    • No further JEPs will be targeted to this release
    • For more details , see Mark Reinhold's email to jdk-dev mailing list [1]¬†

JDK 14 Early Access build 30 is available at : -

    • Build 28:
      • JDK-8234049: Implementation of Memory Access API (Incubator)
      • JDK-8235668: LineNumberReader#getLineNumber() returns wrong line number (one fewer) in Lucene test
        • Reported by Apache Lucene

JDK 15 Early Access build 4 is available at : -

The Quality Outreach Report for Decemeber 2019 was published since the last email

Rgds, Rory

Rgds, Rory O'Donnell
Quality Engineering Manager
Oracle EMEA, Dublin, Ireland

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