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[jetty-dev] Eclipse Jetty 9.4.24 Has Been Released!


The Jetty team is happy to announce the immediate availability of a new release for the Eclipse Jetty 9.4.x branch. Jetty 9.4.24.v20191120 includes a number of bug fixes and improvements. It is recommended that all users upgrade as soon as they are able. A full list of changes for this release is listed at the end of this email. Also included are the notes from 9.4.23.v20191118, which we held off emailing out about since as soon as we promoted it, we decided we wanted to fit a few more bug fixes in.

This release available on the Eclipse Jetty project download page or from the Maven Central repository:

Documentation for this release can be found on the Eclipse Jetty project site:

If you find any issues with this release, or if you want to suggest future enhancements, please file an issue on the Jetty GitHub page:

Commercial production and development support for Jetty is offered through Webtide ( Please contact us for more information or email jesse@xxxxxxxxxxx to discuss your specific needs.

Best Regards,

The Jetty Development Team

jetty-9.4.24.v20191120 - 20 November 2019
 + 3083 The ini-template for jetty.console-capture.dir does not match the default value
 + 4128 OpenIdCredetials can't decode JWT ID token
 + 4334 Better test ErrorHandler changes

jetty-9.4.23.v20191118 - 18 November 2019
 + 1485 Add systemd service file
 + 2266 Jetty maven plugin reload is triggered each time the `scanIntervalSeconds` pass
 + 2340 Remove raw ServletHandler usage examples from documentation
 + 2709 current default for headerCacheSize is not large enough for many requests
 + 3863 Enforce use of SNI
 + 3869 Update to ASM 7.2 for jdk 13
 + 4033 Ignore bad percent encodings in paths during URIUtil.equalsIgnoreEncodings()
 + 4138 OpenID module should use HttpClient instead of HttpURLConnection
 + 4156 IllegalStateException when forwarding to jsp with new session
 + 4161 Regression: EofException: request lifecycle violation
 + 4173 NullPointerException warning in log from WebInfConfiguration after upgrade
 + 4217 SslConnection.DecryptedEnpoint.flush eternal busy loop
 + 4236 clean up redirect code calculation for OpenIdAuthenticator
 + 4237 simplify openid module configuration
 + 4240 CGI form post results in 500 response if no character encoding
 + 4243 ErrorHandler produces invalid json error response
 + 4247 Cookie security attributes are going to mandated by Google Chrome
 + 4248 Websocket client UpgradeListener never reports success
 + 4251 Http 2.0 clients cannot upgrade protocol
 + 4258 RateControl should be per-connection
 + 4264 Spring Boot BasicErrorController no longer invoked
 + 4265 HttpChannel SEND_ERROR should use ErrorHandler.doError()
 + 4277 Reading streamed gzipped body never terminates
 + 4279 Regression: ResponseWriter#close blocks indefinitely
 + 4282 Review HttpParser handling in case of no content
 + 4283 Wrong package for OpenJDK8ClientALPNProcessor
 + 4284 Possible NullPointerException in when stopped from command line
 + 4287 Move getUriLastPathSegment(URI uri) to URIUtil
 + 4296 Unable to create WebSocket connect if the query string of the URL has % symbol.
 + 4301 Demand beforeContent is not forwarded
 + 4305 Jetty server ALPN shall alert fatal no_application_protocol if no client application protocol is supported
 + 4325 Deprecate SniX509ExtendedKeyManager constructor without SslContextFactory$Server

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