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[jetty-dev] JDK 12: First Release Candidate available

  Hi Simone,

OpenJDK builds  - JDK 12 Early Access build 32 is now available at : -
JDK 12:  First Release Candidate [1]

  • Per the JDK 12 schedule [2], we are now in Release Candidate Phase.
  • The stabilization repository, jdk/jdk12, is open for P1 bug fixes per the JDK Release Process (JEP 3) [3].
  • All changes require approval via the Fix-Request Process [4].
  • Release note additions since last email
    • Build 31 - can_pop_frame and can_force_early_return capabilities are disabled if JVMCI compiler is used (JDK-8218025) The JVMTI can_pop_frame and can_force_early_return capabilities are disabled if a JVMCI compiler (like Graal) is used. As a result the corresponding functionality (PopFrame and ForceEarlyReturnXXX functions) is not available to JVMTI agents. This issue is being fixed via JDK-8218885 [].
    • Build 28: JDK-8212233  : javadoc fails on jdk12 with "The code being documented uses modules but the packages defined in $URL are in the unnamed module."
  • Changes in this build.

OpenJDK builds  - JDK 13 Early Access build 8 is now available at : -


Rgds,Rory O'Donnell
Quality Engineering Manager
Oracle EMEA , Dublin, Ireland 

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