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[jetty-dev] Release Announcement: General Availability of JDK 11

Hi Simone,

1) Release Announcement: General Availability of JDK 11
  • JDK 11, the reference implementation of Java 11 and the first long-term support release produced under the six-month rapid-cadence release model [1][2], is now Generally Available.
  • GPL-licensed OpenJDK builds from Oracle are available here:
This release includes seventeen features:

2) Quality Outreach Report for September 2018 is available
Thanks to everyone who contributed to JDK 11 by downloading and testing the early-access builds.
In particular the following developers who logged
18 issues in the JDK Bug System.
  • Netty
  • Eclipse Jetty
  • Apache Lucene
  • JUnit5
  • Apache Tomcat
  • Apache Ant
  • Apache POI
  • AssertJ
  • Eclipse Collections
  • Byte Buddy
  • RxJava

3) JDK 12 EA build 12, under both the GPL and Oracle EA licenses, are now available at .


Rgds,Rory O'Donnell
Quality Engineering Manager
Oracle EMEA, Dublin,Ireland

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