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Re: [jetty-dev] How can I implement order guaranteed request for each Client IP?


Even if Jetty did impose an order constraint between different connections (which it does not), this order would not be guaranteed at the client.  Different connections may be buffer or even routed differently through the network and packets in one connection may overtake packets in other connections from the same client.

So what you are trying to do is simply impossible at the network transport level.

If you want ordering, then you either have to use a single connection or somehow impose an ordering at the application level.


On 21 July 2018 at 07:20, Sean <ebirdkim@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Now, I have some problem in using my Jetty + CXF.
That is,
When requests come in from a large number of Client IPs, Jetty distributes
them to Multi Threads.
At this time, the order is reversed when the request message is

I try to bind the SOAP Requests coming in Jetty + CXF to each Queue by
Client IPAddress and sequentially process the Message in the Queue for each
client IP
(Request order should be guaranteed for each Client IP).
I would appreciate if you could show me how to implement it.

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