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[jetty-dev] Jetty 9.4.9 Released!

The Jetty team is happy to announce the immediate availability of a new release for the Eclipse Jetty 9.4.x branch.

Jetty 9.4.9 includes a large number of bug fixes and improvements. It is recommended that all users upgrade as soon as they are able. A full list of changes for this release is listed at the end of this email.

There are two important release items we would like to highlight. First, Jetty 9.4.9 includes support for JDK10. Additionally, a Windows-specific NIO selector bug has been identified and a workaround has been implemented.  This addresses those reporting high CPU usage, or bad load scenarios on Microsoft Windows (this bug is not present on Linux, OSX, or Android).

This release available on the Eclipse Jetty project download page or from the Maven Central repository:

Documentation for this release can be found on the Eclipse Jetty project site:

If you find any issues with this release, or if you want to suggest future enhancements, please file an issue on the Jetty GitHub page:

Commercial production and development support for Jetty is offered through Webtide ( Please contact us for more information or email jesse@xxxxxxxxxxx to discuss your specific needs.

Best Regards,

The Jetty Development Team

jetty-9.4.9.v20180320 - 20 March 2018
 + 347 Avoid sending request using a connection that is idle timing out
 + 1416 GzipHandler generated ETag suffix has problems with If-Match header logic
 + 1602 WebAppContext is started twice, once by deployer, again by lifecycle
 + 1614 AbstractNCSARequestLog does not extract the user from the http header when it has not been authenticated
 + 1770 SniX509ExtendedKeyManager.chooseServerAlias() throws NullPointerException when socket is null
 + 1797 JEP 238 - Multi-Release JAR files break bytecode scanning
 + 1832 Bad HTTP Close prevents proper TCP close
 + 1918 Scalable scheduler implementation
 + 1933 Use CLASSPATH for scanning java9 system classes
 + 1940 Embedded CDI: SessionScoped gives a NPE
 + 1949 Client-side problems with digest authentication
 + 1956 Store and report build information of Jetty
 + 1966 HttpMethod case sensitive
 + 1970 ManagedSelector can lose selector thread under high concurrent load
 + 1973 Implement minimum response data rate 
 + 1983 Improve warning for incompatible ALPN processor
 + 1986 ServletContextHandler.Context addListener() methods support session listeners
 + 2003 Do not submit blocking tasks as managed selector actions
 + 2006 ServletInputStream.isReady not registering interest when it should
 + 2010 SniX509ExtendedKeyManager causes exception: "FIPS mode: only SunJSSE KeyManagers may be used"
 + 2014 Support unix domain sockets in HttpClient
 + 2015 jetty-alpn-conscrypt-server needs appropriate osgi headers in manifest
 + 2016 jetty-alpn-openjdk8-server needs correct osgi headers in manifest
 + 2019 Expose HttpClientTransport in JMX
 + 2020 Introduce a name for `HttpClient` instances
 + 2022 Fine grained RFC HTTP Compliance modes: including OWS prior to field colon
 + 2028 Add osgi headers for alpn-java client and server
 + 2030 NPE in AnnotationConfiguration with DEBUG enabled
 + 2033 Improve HTTP/2 session and stream stall times report
 + 2034 Improve HTTP2Session dump
 + 2035 FlowControlStrategy keeps around reset streams
 + 2037 HTTP/2 stream reset leaves stream frames in the flusher
 + 2038 FileSessionDataStore.deleteAllFiles(File, String) can become slow
 + 2043 ConcurrentModificationException during annotation parsing
 + 2046 Server.stop not closing connections
 + 2050 Clarify ObjectMBean getObject[Name|Context]Basis() methods
 + 2079 Upgrade to apache jasper 8.5.24
 + 2080 Exclude more maven machinery dependencies from the jetty-maven-plugin server path
 + 2081 No idle timeout exception when dispatch is delayed
 + 2088 Recycle HTTP/2 channels on the client
 + 2090 Jetty fails to start on OpenJDK 9: "Invalid Java version"
 + 2093 Correcting Bom managed dependencies that do not exist
 + 2114 Fix NPE in JettyHttpServerProvider
 + 2117 Allow to configure HttpClient default request Content-Type
 + 2130 Introduce thread pool module for simpler configuration of thread pool in standalone
 + 2131 Introduce a monitored thread pool
 + 2136 maven & jetty-maven-plugin & offline
 + 2148 Limit BufferUtil.toDetailString() raw character display to USASCII 7-bit printable characters
 + 2152 Produce jetty-home-source artifacts for Eclipse Jetty source jars
 + 2160 Digest authentication should use absolute path
 + 2164 Ensure all jetty modules that use ServiceLoader have correct OSGi manifest headers
 + 2190 HTTP/2 close and GOAWAY behavior
 + 2203 Use GlobalWebAppConfigBinding rather than special methods on DeploymentManager/WebAppProvider
 + 2209 jetty-maven-plugin deploy-war silently fails (unless the pom has war packaging)
 + 2210 NPE at org.eclipse.jetty.client.HttpDestination.newExchangeQueue
 + 2218 Adding workaround for Windows NIO Selector Bug
 + 2232 Dependency Conflict: Conflicting JARs org.apache.maven:maven-project
 + 2255 Notify SSL handshake failures on write failures
 + 2275 jetty.server.ResourceService.doGet() + RequestDispatcher INCLUDE
 + 2278 Could not find artifact org.eclipse.jetty.tests:test-webapps-parent:pom:9.4.8.v20171121
 + 2279 Jetty 9.4.x start.jar:  "?=" in [ini] defeats Issue #1139 functionality
 + 2280 Default application/json to utf-8 encoding in
 + 2284 NPE from start.jar during JVM version parsing
 + 2288 Cleanup the statistics classes
 + 2291 Expose HTTP/2 close reason in dumps
 + 2293 HTTP/2 client multiplexed connection pool creates too many connections
 + 2297 HTTP/2 client transport should honor HttpClient.connectBlocking
 + 2298 Override the processor number with an environment variable
 + 2307 Error page can have null charset in content type
 + 2308 Type change in MonitorTask - int cannot be converted to ThreadPoolExecutor
 + 2312 HTTP/2 Connection.Listener notified after first request
 + 2313 Dump HTTP/2 channel state
 + 2318 HttpParser.Listener.onBadMessage() should take BadMessageException
 + 2346 Missing stack traces in HTTPChannel.onException
 + 2358 Add ALPN module file for JDK 10

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