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[jetty-dev] JDK 9 EA Build 151 is available on

Hi Simone,

Best wishes for the New Year.

Dalibor and I will be at FOSDEM '17, Brussels 4 & 5 February. Let us know if you will be there, hopefully we can meet up !

JDK 9 Early Access  b151  is available on

There have been a number of fixes to bugs reported by Open Source projects since the last availability email  :
  • JDK-8171377 : Add sun.misc.Unsafe::invokeCleaner
  • JDK-8075793 : Source incompatibility for inference using -source 7
  • JDK-8087303  : LSSerializer pretty print does not work anymore
  • JDK-8167143 :CLDR timezone parsing does not work for all locales

Other changes that maybe of interest:

  • JDK-8066474 : Remove the lib/$ARCH directory from Linux and Solaris images
  • JDK-8170428 : Move to JDK/lib/

JEPs intergrated:

  •  JEP 295: Ahead-of-Time Compilation has been integrated in b150.
Schedule - Milestones since last availability email 
  • Feature Extension Complete 22nd of December 2016
  • Rampdown Started 5th of January 2017
    • Phases in which increasing levels of scrutiny are applied to incoming changes.
    • In phase 1, only P1-P3 bugs can be fixed. In phase 2 only showstopper bugs can be fixed.


Rgds,Rory O'Donnell
Quality Engineering Manager
Oracle EMEA , Dublin, Ireland 

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