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Re: [jetty-dev] "no content" timeout exception while upl multipart file on 9.3.12 - 9.3.13 - 9.3.14?


On Mon, Nov 7, 2016 at 6:47 PM, Simone Bordet <sbordet@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> We suspect it's caused by a malformed request generated by the client
>> system but I am not sure how to prove it.
> Can you take a network trace using Wireshark ?

Well, if the traffic is encrypted, I guess it's doable, but not easy
to decrypt it.

If you enable Jetty DEBUG logging on the server, do you see something
interesting ?
Ideally you should see that the server receive window for HTTP/2 is >
0 (otherwise reads stall), check the Content-Length header matches the
content that is arrived, or check that the final chunk has not arrived
yet (when Transfer-Encoding: chunked is present), and lastly the
multipart lines.

Not sure how much you can get out of all this, but it's a start.

Simone Bordet
Developer advice, training, services and support
from the Jetty & CometD experts.

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