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[jetty-dev] Early Access builds of JDK 9 b134 are available on

Hi Simone,

Early Access b134 for JDK 9 is available on, summary of  changes are listed here .

 There have been a number of fixes , since the last availability email , to bugs reported by Open Source projects :
  • 8156841 poller thread retains a strong reference to the context class loader
  • 8146961   Fix PermGen memory leaks caused by static final Exceptions
  • 8163353   NPE in ConcurrentHashMap.removeAll()
  • 8160328   ClassCastException: sun.awt.image.BufImgSurfaceData cannot be cast to sun.java2d.xr.XRSurfaceData after xrandr change output

Secondly, there are a number of interesting items to bring to our attention

  • JDK 9 Rampdown Phase 1: Process proposal [1]
  • The Java team has published the “Oracle JRE and JDK Cryptographic Roadmap” [2]
  • The Quality Report for September 2016 is now available [3], thank you for your continued support!

Highlights from the Quality Report for September :
  • 21 new Open Source projects have joined the Outreach program
  • Projects filed 35 new issues in the JDK Bug System, this is almost double the number of bugs in the previous six months!
  • Continuing to provide excellent feedback via the OpenJDK dev mailing lists

Thank you!


Rgds,Rory O'Donnell
Quality Engineering Manager
Oracle EMEA , Dublin, Ireland 

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