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[jetty-dev] Apache Terminated SSL Jetty Proxying w/o custom class

According to the docs[1], if one has Apache terminating an SSL connection and proxying requests to Jetty, then you must write a custom extended connector in order to properly deal with this. That seems like a kind of high bar for something that I would have thought was a decently common setup. I'd like to propose something to make this scenario a bit simpler.

First, add a couple fields, with corresponding getter/setters, to the connector that would track the scheme and "secure"ness of the request. Then have the default customize(Endpoint, Request) method check if those values are null. If they are, do what is done today. If not, set the corresponding properties on the request as appropriate.

This would be a backwards compatible addition but would also make dealing with the Apache-terminated SSL case much simpler to deal with. If this seems reasonable I'll write up a patch for it.

Chad La Joie
trusted identities, delivered

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