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Re: [jetty-dev] building release 7.2.2


I never used to have to put it the pass phrase more than once?

My system is setup with an ssh-agent and it certainly works for normal ssh.

I added the gpg configuration to use an agent, verified the ssh-add
had my passphrase and tried a build.  I got:

        [INFO] --- maven-gpg-plugin:1.1:sign (sign-artifacts) @
jetty-project ---

You need a passphrase to unlock the secret key for
user: "Greg Wilkins <gregw@xxxxxxxxxxx>"
1024-bit DSA key, ID 93ECE615, created 2007-10-25

Enter passphrase: gpg: gpg-agent is not available in this session

So that's still not working ??

So I tried putting my passphrase in .settings as in:

      <passphrase>as if I'd put the real one here</passphrase>

but that still doesn't work???

So what has changed? is this a maven 3 ism or something we've done in our poms?

On 6 December 2010 00:51, Jesse McConnell <jesse@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> yes not expected and not the behavior I have, joakim is correct :)
> jesse
> On Sun, Dec 5, 2010 at 3:38 PM, Greg Wilkins <gregw@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Jesse,
>> I've been trying to build release 7.2.2, but the build is asking for
>> my PGP passphrase on every module and there are lots of them.  If I
>> make 1 mistake, it aborts the build.
>> Is this an expected change?
>> I've not had time to investigate, but will look some more tomorrow.
>> cheers
> --
> jesse mcconnell
> jesse@xxxxxxxxxxx

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