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Re: [jetty-dev] Jetty 7.2.1.v20101111 and 8.0.0.M2 Released

Hi Glyn,

Yes, that did make it in. Looks like the fix just wasn't added to the
change log.


On 24/11/10 15:41, Glyn Normington wrote:
Bug 329571 was fixed for 7.2.1 on 5 November, but I don't see it below. Please could you tell me whether or not it was included.

On Nov 23, 2010, at 5:14 PM, Jesse McConnell wrote:

I think we forget to make the announcement for these releases that
went live a little while back.

Jetty @ Eclipse (core distribution)

Jetty @ Codehaus (hightide 3rd party integrations)

We'll work on building .deb's for the release soon and will make them
available at

A p2 repository with these changes is in the works as well and we'll
send a follow on notice when those are available.

Below is the list of issues resolved in this release.

jetty-7.2.1.v20101111 11 November 2010
+ 324679 Fixed dedection of write before static content
+ 328199 Ensure blocking connectors always close socket
+ 328205 Improved SelectManager stopping
+ 328306 Serialization of FormAuthentication
+ 328332 Response.getContentType works with setHeader
+ 328523 Fixed overloaded setters in AppProvider
+ 328008 Handle update to Servlet Spec 3 Section 8.2.3.h.ii
+ 328778 Improved javadoc for secure session cookies
+ 328782 allow per connection max idle time to be set
+ 328885 web overrides do not override
+ 328988 Idle saving of session values
+ 329180 Spin check for Selector to stop
+ 329410 Enforce XmlConfiguration properties as Map<String,String>
+ 329602 only clear ServletContext attributes on doStop
+ 329642 Concurrent modification exception in Deployment Manager
+ 329643 Improved deployment of resource collections
+ JETTY-748 Prevent race close of socket by old acceptor threads
+ JETTY-1291 Extract query parameters even if POST content consumed
+ JETTY-1295 Contexts mixed up when hot-deploying on virtual hosts
+ JETTY-1297 Make ServletContext.getContext(String) virtual host aware

jetty-8.0.0.M2 16 November 2010
+ 320073 Reconsile configuration mechanism
+ 321068 JSF2 fails to initialize
+ 324493 Registration init parameter handling null check,
setInitParameters additive
+ 324505 Request.login method must throw ServletException if it cant login
+ 324872 allow disabling listener restriction from using
*Registration interfaces
+ 327416 Change meaning of @HandlesTypes in line with latest
interpretation by JSR315
+ 327489 Change meaning of @MultipartConfig to match servlet spec 3.0
maintenance release 3.0a
+ 328008 Handle update to Servlet Spec 3 Section 8.2.3.h.ii
+ 330188 Reject web-fragment.xml with same<name>  as another already loaded one
+ 330208 Support new wording on servlet-mapping and filter-mapping
merging from servlet3.0a
+ 330292 request.getParts() returns only one part when the name is the same
+ Update to jetty-7.2.1.v20101111

jesse mcconnell
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