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Re: [jetty-dev] Jetty 7.2.0.v20101020 Released!

Jesse, one thing I just noticed is that the hightide link included in this announcement is different than the one given on the download page:

I'd have updated the page but I wasn't sure which link was the one your guys preferred to have used since the one on the download page has all the past 7.1.x releases.

On 10/21/10 5:10 PM, Jesse McConnell wrote:
We are happy to report that the latest release of Jetty is now
available for download.

Jetty @ Eclipse (core distribution)

Jetty @ Codehaus (hightide 3rd party integrations)

We'll work on building .deb's for the release soon and will make them
available at

A p2 repository with these changes is in the works as well and we'll
send a follow on notice when those are available.

Below is the list of issues resolved in this release.

jetty-7.2.0.v20101020 20 October 2010
  + 289540 Added Javadoc into distribution
  + 297154 Added source distribution artifact
  + 323985 Xmlconfiguration pulls start.jar config properties
  + 324369 Improved handling of multiple versions of
  + 326734 Configure Digest maxNonceAge with Security handler init param
  + 327109 Fixed AJP handling of empty packets
  + 327183 Allow better configurability of HttpClient for TLS/SSL
  + 327469 Removed needless Java 6 dependencies
  + 327562 Implement all X-Forwarded headers in ProxyServlet
  + 327601 Multipart Filter handles quoted tokens
  + 327725 Nested ResourceCaches
  + 328199 Ensured blocking connectors always close socket
  + 328205 Improved SelectManager stopping
  + 328273 Added serializable to default user identity
  + JETTY-1288 Info statement when atypical classloader set on WebAppContext
  + JETTY-1289 LRU cache for filter chains

jetty-7.2.0.RC0 1 October 2010
  + 314087 Simplified SelectorManager
  + 319334 Concurrent, sharable ResourceCache
  + 319370 WebAppClassLoader.Context
  + 319444 Two nulls are appended to log statements from ContextHandler$Context
  + 320073 Reconsile configuration mechanism
  + 320112 Websocket in aggregate jars
  + 320264 Removed duplicate entries
  + 320457 Added rfc2045 support to B64Code
  + 321232 BasicAuthenticator ignores bad Authorization header
  + 321307 HashSessionManager calls passivation listeners
  + 321730 SelectChannelEndPoint prints to System.err
  + 321735 HttpClient onException called for buffer overflow
  + 322448 Added jetty-dir.css for directory listings
  + 322575 NPE in HotSwapHandler if old handler null
  + 322683 RewriteHandler thread safety
  + 323196 org.mortbay properties to org.eclipse
  + 323435 MovedContextHandler permanent redirection
  + 323464 IPv6 localhost with no Host header
  + 324110 Merge async dispatch parameters
  + 324158 Durable download or Orbit jars
  + 324260 Jetty-6 continuations handle complete calls
  + 324359 Illegal actions on AsyncContext should not change its state
  + 324360 Validate input on getResource since loop logic obscures
subclass input validation
  + 324369 Implement draft-ietf-hybi-thewebsocketprotocol-01
  + 324377 Allow dispatch of ServletRequest and ServletResponse
  + 324379 Change content type after getWriter
  + 324501 Fire RequestListener.requestDestroyed in last-to-first order.
  + 324601 Check session expiry on access
  + 324679 Allow filter to write before static content
  + 324811 NPE in Server.dump
  + 324812 Restore WebAppContext constructor used by geronimo integration
  + 325072 Include to DefaultServlet of missing file throws FileNotFoundException
  + 325105 websocket ondisconnect fixed
  + 325128 websocket send during onConnect
  + 325468 Clean work webapp dir before unpack
  + 326612 Handle X-Forwarded-Proto header
  + JETTY-912 added per exchange timeout api
  + JETTY-1063 Plugin problems with spaces in classpath resource references
  + JETTY-1245 Do not use direct buffers with NIO SSL
  + JETTY-1249 Apply max idle time to all connectors
  + JETTY-1250 Parallel start of HandlerCollection
  + JETTY-1252 Handle more multipart transfer encodings
  + JETTY-1256 annotation and jta jars from Orbit
  + JETTY-1259 NullPointerException in JDBCSessionIdManager when
invalidating session
  + JETTY-1261 errant listener usage in StandardDescriptorProcessor
  + JETTY-1263 JDBCSessionIdManager table creation fails on Oracle
  + JETTY-1265 Reason field option in client response
  + JETTY-1266 Destroy sessions before filters/servlets
  + JETTY-1268 Form Auth saves POST data
  + JETTY-1269 Improve log multithreadedness
  + JETTY-1270 Websocket closed endp protection
  + JETTY-1271 Handled unavailable exception
  + JETTY-1279 Make jetty-plus.xml enable plus features for all webapps
by default
  + JETTY-1281 Create new session after authentication
  + JETTY-1283 JSONPojoConvertorFactory can turn off fromJSON
  + Fixed jetty-plus.xml for new configuration names
  + Added ignore to Logger interface
  + Improved debug dump

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