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[jetty-dev] 7.2.0.RC0 Available

We have started the release process on the 7.2.0 release for jetty
with the first of our release candidates.

It is currently available from usual places in maven lands within the
next few hours


Eclipse Distro (in a few hours):

Hightide! (in a few hours)

From eclipse downloads url (now):

Below is a list of everything in the eclipse release and below that
are the additions in the hightide release (candidates)

jetty-7.2.0.RC0 1 Oct 2010
 + 314087 Simplified SelectorManager
 + 319334 Concurrent, sharable ResourceCache
 + 319370 WebAppClassLoader.Context
 + 319444 Two nulls are appended to log statements from ContextHanler$Context
 + 320073 Reconsile configuration mechanism
 + 320112 Websocket in aggregate jars
 + 320264 Removed duplicate entries
 + 320457 Added rfc2045 support to B64Code
 + 321232 BasicAuthenticator ignores bad Authorization header.
 + 321307 HashSessionManager calls passivation listeners.
 + 321730 SelectChannelEndPoint prints to System.err
 + 321735 HttpClient onException called for buffer overflow.
 + 322448 Added jetty-dir.css for directory listings
 + 322575 NPE in HotSwapHandler if old handler null
 + 322683 RewriteHandler thread safety
 + 323196 org.mortbay properties to org.eclipse
 + 323435 MovedContextHandler permanent redirection
 + 323464 IPv6 localhost with no Host header
 + 324110 Merge async dispatch parameters
 + 324158 Durable download or Orbit jars
 + 324260 Jetty-6 continuations handle complete calls
 + 324359 illegal actions on AsyncContext should not change its state.
 + 324360 validate input on getResource since loop logic obscures
subclass input validation.
 + 324369 Implement draft-ietf-hybi-thewebsocketprotocol-01
 + 324377 Allow dispatch of ServletRequest and ServletResponse
 + 324379 Change content type after getWriter
 + 324501 Fire RequestListener.requestDestroyed in last-to-first order.
 + 324601 Check session expiry on access
 + 324679 Allow filter to write before static content
 + 324811 NPE in Server.dump
 + 324812 restore WebAppContext constructor used by geronimo integration
 + 325072 include to DefaultServlet of missing file throws FileNotFoundException
 + 325105 websocket ondisconnect fixed
 + 325128 websocket send during onConnect
 + 325468 Clean work webapp dir before unpack
 + 326612 Handle X-Forwarded-Proto header
 + JETTY-912 added per exchange timeout api
 + JETTY-1063 Plugin problems with spaces in classpath resource references
 + JETTY-1245 Do not use direct buffers with NIO SSL
 + JETTY-1249 Apply max idle time to all connectors
 + JETTY-1250 Parallel start of HandlerCollection
 + JETTY-1252 Handle more multipart transfer encodings
 + JETTY-1256 annotation and jta jars from Orbit
 + JETTY-1259 NullPointerException in JDBCSessionIdManager when
invalidating session
 + JETTY-1261 errant listener usage in StandardDescriptorProcessor
 + JETTY-1263 JDBCSessionIdManager table creation fails on Oracle
 + JETTY-1265 Reason field option in client response
 + JETTY-1266 Destroy sessions before filters/servlets
 + JETTY-1268 Form Auth saves POST data
 + JETTY-1269 Improve log multithreadedness
 + JETTY-1270 Websocket closed endp protection
 + JETTY-1271 handled unavailable exception
 + JETTY-1279 Make jetty-plus.xml enable plus features for all webapps
by default
 + JETTY-1281 Create new session after authentication
 + JETTY-1283 JSONPojoConvertorFactory can turn off fromJSON
 + Fix jetty-plus.xml for new configuration names
 + Added ignore to Logger interface
 + Improved debug dump

jetty@codehaus 7.2.0.RC0 1 October 2010
 + 320073 Reconcile jetty-8 and jetty-7 webapp configuration mechanisms
 + JETTY-1051 offer jetty.skip flag for maven plugin
 + JETTY-1096 exclude maven, plexus classes from maven plugin
 + JETTY-1107 provide virtual WEB-INF/lib for maven plugin
 + Update to derby
 + Simplify test-jndi-webapp
 + Fix start.ini patch to reflect changes in 7.2.0
 + Update jetty-hightide pom to reflect changes for jta in 7.2.0
 + Update to cometd-2.0.0

jesse mcconnell

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