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[jetty-dev] [jetty 7] REDHAT packaging

I am trying to build the rpms of jetty 7 for  RedHat or CentOS .
So I follow this "How To":

At the end I have :
- servlet-api-3.0-3.0.20100224-1.noarch.rpm
- servlet-api-2.5-2.5.20081211-1.noarch.rpm
- jetty7-7.1.3.v20100526-1.noarch.rpm

But I don't have  :  jetty7-libs-${version}.noarch.rpm

So I can't install jetty7 after because jetty7-lib is a  dependencies ( Failed dependencies
        jetty7-lib is needed by jetty7-7.1.3.v20100526-1.noarch)

Do you now  if it's possible to build "jetty7-lib" and how ?

Thank you very much


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