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Re: [jetty-dev] Custom Web-Protocol Server [Modified Request Methods]

2010/4/29 Venkatesh Nandakumar <venkatesh88@xxxxxxxxx>:
> I had mailed this to jetty-users before. Maybe it was the incorrect mailing list.

just a bunch of ideas:

1) try to explain *deeply and precisely* why you do need something like this;
maybe someone can suggest you another (simpler) solution;
2) try the "reinventing the wheel" mailing list ... dunno the address,
just google for it;
3) ask yourself: "why thousands of thousands of really complicated software
can do what they do using the `standard` HTTP requests and I am not able to
write $PIECE_OF_CODE without changing the HTTP protocol?";
4) submit an rfc ( ); if it's going to be
accepted, just wait for the next major jetty release and it will
probably include
your CUSTOMGET without having to put your hands into the jetty code.
( ... I hope IETF guys will not hate me for such a suggestion ).

Hope this helps.


Mattia Merzi.

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