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[jetty-dev] Process for submitting a contribution?

Sorry if I've overlooked it somewhere, but I couldn't find instructions for how
to submit a contribution proposal to Jetty.

I'd like to submit the attached skeletal LifeCycle.Listener implementation which
I use in my own code to make it easier to implement listeners that only care
about one or two of the listener methods.

Any interest in having it included in jetty7?

package org.eclipse.jetty.util.component;

 * Skeletal implementation of {@link LifeCycle.Listener}. All of the methods in
 * this class do nothing, and subclasses can selectively override those for
 * which they wish to perform some action.
public abstract class AbstractLifeCycleListener implements LifeCycle.Listener
    public void lifeCycleFailure(LifeCycle event, Throwable cause) {}
    public void lifeCycleStarted(LifeCycle event) {}
    public void lifeCycleStarting(LifeCycle event) {}
    public void lifeCycleStopped(LifeCycle event) {}
    public void lifeCycleStopping(LifeCycle event) {}

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