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[jetty-dev] jetty 8.0.0.M0


The first milestone release of jetty-8 -  jetty-8.0.0.M0 -  is available now
for download.

This release of jetty is the first to support Servlet Specification 3.0.

A release of jetty-hightide-8.0.0.M0 will soon follow with an example web application demonstrating new Servlet Spec 3 features such as:

+ web fragments
+ ServletContainerInitializer
+ multipart mime
+ async servlet api
+ @WebServlet, @WebFilter, @WebListener and security annotations

We also provide example web applications demonstrating:

+ cometd
+ websockets

We hope to release jetty-hightide within the next few days. We are
waiting on the Sun javax.servlet and javax.servlet.jsp api jars to become available from a public maven repository, as required by
maven release procedures. Currently these jars are only available
from the repository. The Sonatype folks are kindly working
on moving them to the public maven repo. Once this is done, we will
be able to push the release of jetty-hightide-8.0.0.M0.
In the interim, if you are interested in a preview, you can check
out and build the branch:

As this is the first milestone of significant functional additions
to jetty, feedback from the community will be greatly appreciated.
Links to Jetty bug reporting can be found on the jetty @ eclipse site:

Jan Bartel, Webtide LLC | janb@xxxxxxxxxxx |

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