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[jetty-announce] Eclipse Jetty 9.4.21 Has Been Released!

The Jetty team is happy to announce the immediate availability of a new release for the Eclipse Jetty 9.4.x branch.

Jetty 9.4.20.v20190813 includes a significant number of bug fixes and improvements. It is recommended that all users upgrade as soon as they are able. A full list of changes for this release is listed at the end of this email.

This release available on the Eclipse Jetty project download page or from the Maven Central repository:

Documentation for this release can be found on the Eclipse Jetty project site:

If you find any issues with this release, or if you want to suggest future enhancements, please file an issue on the Jetty GitHub page:

Commercial production and development support for Jetty is offered through Webtide ( Please contact us for more information or email jesse@xxxxxxxxxxx to discuss your specific needs.

Best Regards,

The Jetty Development Team

jetty-9.4.21.v20190926 - 26 September 2019
 + 97 Permanent UnavailableException thrown during servlet request handling should cause servlet destroy
 + 137 Support OAuth
 + 155 No way to set keystore for JSR 356 websocket clients, needed for SSL client authentication
 + 1036 Allow easy configuration of Scheduler-Threads and name them more appropriate
 + 2815 HPack fields are opaque octets
 + 3040 Allow RFC6265 Cookies to include optional SameSite attribute.
 + 3106 WebSocket connection stats and request stats
 + 3734 WebSocket suspend when input closed
 + 3747 Make Jetty Demo work with JPMS
 + 3806 Error Page handling Async race with ProxyServlet
 + 3913 Clustered HttpSession IllegalStateException: Invalid for read
 + 3936 Race condition when modifying session + sendRedirect()
 + 3956 Remove and warn on use of illegal HTTP/2 response headers
 + 3964 Improve efficiency of listeners
 + 3968 WebSocket sporadic ReadPendingException using suspend/resume
 + 3978 HTTP/2 fixes for robustly handling abnormal traffic and resource exhaustion
 + 3983 JarFileResource incorrectly lists the contents of directories with spaces
 + 3985 Improve lenient Cookie parsing
 + 3989 Inform custom ManagedSelector of dead selector via optional onFailedSelect()
 + 4000 Add SameFileAliasChecker to help with FileSystem static file access normalization on Mac and Windows
 + 4007 NullPointerException while trying to run jetty on Windows
 + 4009 ServletContextHandler setSecurityHandler broke handler chain
 + 4020 Revert WebSocket ExtensionFactory change to interface
 + 4022 Servlet which is added by ServletRegistration can't be started
 + 4025 Provide more write-through behaviours for DefaultSessionCache
 + 4027 Ensure AbstractSessionDataStore cannot be used unless it is started
 + 4033 Ignore bad percent encodings in paths during URIUtil.equalsIgnoreEncodings()
 + 4047 Gracefully stopped Jetty not flushing all response data
 + 4048 Multiple values in X-Forwarded-Port throw NumberFormatException
 + 4057 NullPointerException in o.e.j.h.HttpFields
 + 4064 NullPointerException initializing embedded servlet
 + 4075 Do not fail on servlet-mapping with url-pattern /On*
 + 4082 NullPointerExceptoin while Debug logging in client
 + 4084 Use of HttpConfiguration.setBlockingTimeout(long) in jetty.xml produces warning on jetty-home startup
 + 4105 Cleanup of Idle thread count in QueuedThreadPool
 + 4113 HttpClient fails with JDK 13 and TLS 1.3

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