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[jetty-announce] Indexing/Listing Vulnerability in Jetty


Greetings from the team at Webtide. We wanted to make you aware of a vulnerability that was recently discovered in Jetty and reported as CVE-2019-10241, CVE-2019-10246 and CVE-2019-10247.

If you are using DefaultServlet or ResourceHandler with indexing/listing, then you are vulnerable to a variant of XSS behaviors surrounding the use of injected HTML element attributes on the parent directory link. We recommend disabling indexing/listing or upgrading to a non-vulnerable version.

We have put together a blog post that contains more information on how to disable indexing/listing, which can be found on the Webtide website.

Additionally, we discovered that usages of DefaultHandler were susceptible to a similar leak of information. If no webapp was mounted on the root "/" namespace, a page would be generated with links to other namespaces. This has been the default behavior in Jetty for years, but we have removed this to safeguard data.

As a result of these CVEs, we have released new versions for the 9.2.x, 9.3.x, and 9.4.x branches. The most up-to-date versions of all three are as follows, and are available both on the Jetty website and Maven Central.

Versions affected: 

  •   9.2.26 and older (now EOL)
  •   9.3.25 and older
  •   9.4.15 and older

  • 9.2.28.v20190418
  • 9.3.27.v20190418
  • 9.4.17.v20190418

Best Regards,
The Webtide Team

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