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[jetty-announce] Jetty 9.3.10.v20160621 Released!

The Jetty team is happy to announce the immediate availability of version 9.3.10.v20160621.

This is a maintenance release of the jetty-9.3.x branch and it is a recommended update.

It is available from the not so usual eclipse download URL and from the very usual Maven Central coordinates.


We recently moved the Eclipse Jetty page to be a collection of static pages generated from an asciidoc project.  This follows the model of our jetty-documentation which is an artifact of the canonical github repository.  The old download URL should redirect to the new location and if you see any issues with this setup please let us know!

The changes in this release are attached below!


jetty-9.3.10.v20160621 - 21 June 2016
 + 388 Add methods to send text frames with pre-encoded strings.
 + 605 Guard concurrent calls to WebSocketSession.close()
 + 608 reset encoding set from content type?
 + 609 websocket ClientCloseTest testServerNoCloseHandshake is failing
 + 610 HttpClientRedirectTest/testRedirectWithWrongScheme test failing in CI
 + 620 Missing call to setPattern in RewritePatternRule constructor
 + 622 NoSqlSessionManager test for expired session does not use
 + 623 Add --gzip suffix to 304 responses with ETAGs
 + 624 AsyncContext.onCompleted called twice
 + 628 IOException: Unable to open root Jar file ...
   MetaInfConfiguration.getTlds( with Spring boot
   loader + WebAppContext + non-expanded war 
 + 632 JMX tests rely on fixed port
 + 633 If jmx and websocket is enabled, redploying a context produces a NullPointerException
 + 638 ConnectHandler responses should have Content-Length
 + 639 ServerContainer stores WebSocket sessions twice
 + 640 ClientContainer should store WebSocket sessions as beans
 + 641 MongoSessionIdManager uses deprecated ensureIndex
 + 647 HTTP/2 CONTINUATION frame parsing throws IllegalStateException
 + 648 Problem using InputStreamResponseListener to handle HTTP/2 responses

jesse mcconnell

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