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[jetty-announce] Jetty 9.3.8.v20160314 Released

The Eclipse Jetty Project is pleased to announce the immediate availability of the latest version of Jetty 9.2.x

Jetty 9.3.8.v20160314

This is a maintenance release consisting of many bug fixes.

Users using SSL/TLS with modern browsers and those with a need for the new RFC2616 Compliance Mode are are encouraged to use this release.

The Highlights of this release:

  • We've moved our SCM and Issue tracking to

  • [Enhancement] New RFC2616 HTTP 1.x Parser Compliance Mode

  • [Update] SSLContextFactory defaults updated to suit new Google Chrome requirements

  • [Fix] Improved WebSocket permessage-deflate behavior
  • [Fix] Improved JSR356 behavior


Distribution Downloads:

The artifacts are also available in the Global Central Repository:

Eclipse P2 repositories will be available later.

If you find an issue with this release you can open a bug through the

new github issue tracker:

Documentation can be found at our documentation hub

Finally, a reminder that both dev and prod support are offered through

Webtide (, feel free to contact us through that site

or ping jesse@xxxxxxxxxxx directly if you are interested in learning more.

Documentation PDF's are available for direct download on the website as well.


The Jetty Development Team

jetty-9.3.8.v20160314 - 14 March 2016
 + 81 Exception not always thrown in Jetty to application when upload part is
   too big
 + 82 Request.getPart() that results in Exception still allows other parts to
   be fetched
 + 107 ResourceHandler range support testcase
 + 124 Don't produce text/html if the request doesn't accept it
 + 247 improving invalid buffer manipulation exception messages
 + 251 Removing SSLEngine.beginHandshake() calls
 + 258 Http request to origin server over https proxy contains absolute URL
 + 266 jetty-client redirection process is aborted if redirect response have
   corrupt body
 + 285 PathContentProvider - Use of Direct buffers without pooling
 + 298 qtp threads spin-locked in MBeanContainer.beanAdded
 + 305 NPE when notifying the session listener if the channel is closed before
   a session has been opened
 + 316 Add *.chm mimetype mapping
 + 342 Reintroducing Response parameter to logExtended
 + 343 ensure release deployment of test-jetty-webapp:war and
 + 344 init script does not properly display status of a non running service
 + 346 HttpParser RFC2616 Compliance mode
 + 347 Avoid sending request using a connection that is idle timing out
 + 352 Integrate session idling for MongoSessionManager
 + 353 Jetty Client doesn't forward authentication headers with redirects when
   using proxy
 + 354 Spin loop in case of exception thrown during accept()
 + 355 Improve close behavior for failed pending write
 + 356 Element error-page/location must start with a '/'
 + 362 Very slow page load and missing resources when using HTTP/2 with Jetty
 + 365 Potential connection leakage in case of aborted request
 + 366 Avoid HTTP2Flusher reentrancy
 + 367 Resolve remaining build references
 + 372 Data race in HttpReceiverOverHTTP2
 + 377 HttpClient - No supported cipher suites leads to stuck requests
 + 378 Can't configure per nodes settings in start.ini
 + 379 Insufficient information on asyncNotSupported
 + 381 HttpClient does not send the Authorization header with authenticating
 + 386 Explicit Authorization header is dropped when handling 407s
 + 397 Multipart EOF handling
 + 402 Don't use Thread.isAlive() in ShutdownMonitor
 + 405 adding testcase for problematic HttpURI parsing of path params
 + 406 GzipHandler: allow to override the Vary response header
 + 407 JSR356 Server WebSocket Sessions no longer being tracked
 + 408 Http client does not work on https with proxy
 + 411 Add more debug log for mongosessionmanager and remove debug printlns
 + 413 HotSwapHandler null handlers
 + 416 Support HTTPS forward proxies
 + 417 HttpClient: review support for OPTIONS *
 + 423 Duplicate Content-Length header not handled correctly
+ 478918 Change javax.servlet.error,forward,include literals to RequestDispatcher constants + 484446 InputStreamResponseListener's InputStream uses default read (3) and blocks early on never-ending response. + 485306 HttpParser (HttpURI) mistaking basic auth password as a port number + 485469 permessage-deflate extension causes protocol error in Firefox/Chrome + 486394 Restore MultiPartFilter behavior with regards to temp file access + 486497 NPE in MappedLoginService + 486511 Server.getURI() returns wrong scheme on SSL/HTTPS + 486530 Handler added to WebAppContext prevents ServletContext initialization + 486589 HttpRequest has a wrong HTTP Version in HTTP/2 + 486604 Add debug logging of ErrorPageErrorHandler logic + 486674 Quickstart path attribute normalization should be based on longest path match + 486829 Cancel stream error after a failed request with the HTTP/2.0 client + 486877 Google Chrome flagging 'obsolete cipher suite' in Jetty and will soon issue broken padlock + 486930 Selector does not correctly handle rejected execution exception + 487158 Switched SCM URIs to github + 487197 Deflater/Inflater memory leak with WebSocket permessage-deflate extension + 487198 ContextScopeListener should be called on context start and stop + 487277 Introduce http-forwarded module for X-Forwarded support + 487354 Aborted request or response does not send RST_STREAM frame + 487511 Jetty HTTP won't work on turkish systems + 487714 Avoid NPE in close race for async write + 487750 HTTP/2 push must not be recursive

Joakim Erdfelt / joakim@xxxxxxxxxxx

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