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[jetty-announce] Jetty 9.3.2.v20150730 Maintenance Release

On our 20th anniversary year of Jetty, the Jetty Project is pleased to announce the immediate availability of the latest version of Jetty 9.3.x

Jetty 9.3.2.v20150730

This release is considered a maintenance release for Jetty 9.3.x.

Users of the ConcatServlet are encouraged to upgrade immediately.

The Highlights of this release:

The Features of Jetty 9.3:


Distribution Downloads:

The artifacts are also available in the Global Central Repository.

Eclipse P2 repositories will be available later.

If you find an issue with this release you can open a bug through the

guided bugzilla page located here:

Documentation can be found at our documentation hub

Finally, a reminder that both dev and prod support are offered through

Webtide (www.webtide.com), feel free to contact us through that site

or ping me directly if you are interested in learning more.

Documentation PDF's are available for direct download on the

webtide.com website as well.


The Jetty Development Team

jetty-9.3.2.v20150730 - 30 July 2015

Â+ 470351 Fixed SNI matching of wildcard certificates

Â+ 470727 Thread Starvation of selector wakeups.

Â+ 472601Âorg.eclipse.jetty.util.log.Log.setLog() does not work as before

Â+ 472621 Unjustified timeout when serving static content

Â+ 472781 GzipHandler isMimeTypeGzipable() bad logic

Â+ 472859 ConcatServlet may expose protected resources.

Â+ 472931 HttpConfiguration copy constructor incomplete

Â+ 472974 Improved StatisticsHandler 503 generation

Â+ 473006 Encode addPath in URLResource

Â+ 473118 HTTP/2 server does not retrieve Host header from client.

Â+ 473243 Delay resource close for async default content

Â+ 473266 Better handling of MultiException

Â+ 473294 Fixed include cipher suites support for wildcards

Â+ 473307 Add 301 Moved Permanently Rules to jetty-rewrite

Â+ 473309 Add special (non-replacement) Terminating rules to jetty-rewrite

Â+ 473319 Parameterize status code on Redirect Rules for alternate use

Â+ 473321 Overriding SSL context KeyStoreType requires explicit override of


Â+ 473322 GatherWrite limit handling

Â+ 473624 ProxyServlet.Transparent / TransparentDelegate add trailing slash

 Âbefore query when using prefix.

Â+ 473832 SslConnection flips back buffers on handshake exception

Joakim Erdfelt / joakim@xxxxxxxxxxx