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[jetty-announce] Jetty 9.3.1.v20150714 Released!

This release is a maintenance release for Jetty 9.3.x which supports
HTTP/2 and has a Java 8 requirement.

Distribution Downloads:

The artifacts are also available in the Global Central Repository:

Eclipse P2 repositories will be available later.

If you find an issue with this release you can open a bug through the
guided bugzilla page located here:

Documentation can be found at our documentation hub:

Finally, a reminder that both dev and prod support are offered through
Webtide (, feel free to contact us through that site
or ping me directly if you are interested in learning more.

Documentation PDF's are available for direct download on the website as well.

The Jetty Development Team

jetty-9.3.1.v20150714 - 14 July 2015
 + 441020 Support HEADERS followed by CONTINUATION+.
 + 460671 Rationalize property names (fix for
 + 462346 Change classesPattern to scanClassesPattern and testClassesPattern to
   scanTestClassesPattern to clarify purpose
 + 464294 AsyncNCSARequestLog blocks JVM exit after failure
 + 464741 HttpFields declares IllegalArgumentException as checked exception
 + 464745 Remove @org.apache.xbean.XBean references
 + 469384 Improved javadoc for ClasspathPattern
 + 470184 Send the proxy-to-server request more lazily.
 + 470327 Problem with scope provided dependencies with jspc plugin
 + 470505 jetty-maven-plugin JettyWebAppContext#setQuickStartWebDescriptor
   should accept a Maven-friendly type
 + 470664 Handle multiple RequestLogHandler in chain
 + 470727 Thread Starvation of selector wakeups.
 + 470803 If a webapp is not fully started do not fully stop it
 + 470855 Only log warning for duplicate path mappings to same servlet in same
 + 470963 Update jetty-maven-plugin mojo annotations for maven 3
 + 471071 jetty-infinispan.xml incorrect syntax for remote named cache
 + 471076 Apache jspc ignores empty list of files to precompile and scans
 + 471251 Improved debugging on async timeout
 + 471272 ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in
 + 471388 StringIndexOutOfBoundsException when using <c:url> with parameters
 + 471464 Parsing issues with HttpURI
 + 471604 Extend CrossOriginFilter to provide a Timing-Allow-Origin header
 + 471623 Update to apache jsp 8.0.23 Use 8.0.23.M1 for jetty version of apache
   jsp 8.0.23
 + 471985 NPE in HttpFields.putField
 + 472310 Improved logging when no supported included ciphers
 + 472411 PathResource.checkAliasPath typo
 + 472422 Custom status codes result in a NumberFormatException while using

jesse mcconnell

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