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[jetty-announce] Jetty 9.2.11.v20150529 Released

The Jetty team is pleased to announce the immediate availability of
Jetty 9.2.11.v20150529.

A quick note that we should be releasing Jetty 9.3 starting next week
but since that will require Java 8 moving forward we will likely
continue maintenance releases on jetty 9.2.x for the time being for
our Java 7 users.  Generally speaking to encourage everyone to move to
Java 8 though, it has a lot of improvements over Java 7 which has been
EOL for some time now.

Fixing Bugs:
 + 461499 ConnectionPool may leak connections.
 + 463579 Add support for 308 status code.
 + 464292 Implement stream-based transformer for AsyncMiddleManServlet.
 + 464438 ClassFileTransformer support in
   org.eclipse.jetty.webapp.WebAppClassLoader broken
 + 464740 DosFilter whiteList check improvement
 + 464869 PathResource.addPath allows absolute resolution.
 + 464989 AbstractSessionManager.removeEventListener() should remove
 + 465053 Prevent gzip buffer overflow on complete
 + 465181 HttpParser parse full end chunk.
 + 465202 Forked Mojo does not extract war overlays/dependencies
 + 465359 Resource.newResource(String res, boolean useCache) does not use
   useCache argument
 + 465360 URLResource.addPath should use _useCaches setting to create new
 + 465700 NullPointerException in ResourceHandler with welcome files
 + 465734 DosFilter whitelist bit pattern fix
 + 465747 Jetty is failing to process all HTTP OPTIONS requests.
 + 466329 Fixed local only TestFilter
 + 467276 NPE protection in SslContextFactory
 + 467603 Response 401 from server hangs client.
 + 467936 w Check HttpOutput aggregateSize is < bufferSize
 + 468008 Scanner ignores directory length
 + 468421 HttpClient#send fails with IllegalArgumentException on non-lowercase
 + 468714 SelectorManager updateKey race without submit
 + 468747 XSS vulnerability in HttpSpiContextHandler

Distribution Downloads:


The artifacts are also available in Maven Central.


The Jetty Project Team

jesse mcconnell

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