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[jetty-announce] Jetty 9.2.8.v20150217 Released!

The Jetty Project is pleased to announce the availability of 

   Jetty 9.2.8.v20150217!

The issues resolved are listed below.

The Highlights:

  + A new AsyncMiddleManServlet has been added to the jetty-proxy module
    to allow organizations to implement content transforming (downstream
    and upstream) services on a proxy setup.
    (documentation is forthcoming)
  + Updated protonego implementations for recently released Java JVMs
  + General bug fixes

This release is considered a maintenance release of the Jetty 9.2 codebase,
while we work on the upcoming Jetty 9.3.0 release with support for HTTP/2.

Distribution Downloads:

The artifacts are also available in the Global Central Repository.

Eclipse P2 repositories will be available shortly.

If you find an issue with this release you can open a bug through the
guided bugzilla page located here:

Documentation can be found at our documentation hub

Note: the documentation is undergoing some big changes, please be aware of it

  + SPDY and NPN documentation is being removed
  + HTTP/2 documentation (for Jetty 9.3) is being added

Finally, a reminder that both dev and prod support are offered through
Webtide (, feel free to contact us through that site
or ping me directly if you are interested in learning more.
Documentation PDF's are available for direct download on the website as

The Jetty Development Team

jetty-9.2.8.v20150217 - 17 February 2015
 + 451092 Connector will fail if HeaderListener return false.
 + 455436 ProxyServlet sends two User-Agent values.
 + 457893 Close temp jar resource
 + 458101 added test for maxFormContentSize
 + 458174 Example Jar Server
 + 458175 multipart annotation on lazily loaded servlet does not work
 + 458209 Length check for HttpMethod MOVE lookahead
 + 458354 negotiation.
 + 458495 CompletableCallback may not notify failures.
 + 458527 Implement an async proxy servlet that can perform content
 + 458568 JDBCLoginService javadoc incorrectly references HashLoginService
 + 458849 org.eclipse.jetty.util.Uptime.DefaultImpl() not available on GAE
 + 459006 master branch does not build on norwegian locale
 + 459125 GzipHandler default mimeType behavior incorrect
 + 459352 AsyncMiddleManServlet should set "Host:" header correctly in proxy to
   remote request headers.
 + 459490 Defining a duplicate error page in webdefault.xml and web.xml results
   in an error
 + 459542 AsyncMiddleManServlet race condition on first download content.
 + 459560 handles start.d and no start.ini
 + 459769 AsyncMiddleManServlet race condition on last download content.
 + 459845 Support upgrade
 + 459963 Failure writing content of a committed request leaks connections.

Joakim Erdfelt <joakim@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Expert advice, services and support from from the Jetty & CometD experts

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