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[jetty-announce] Jetty 9.1.2.v20140210 Released!

We are pleased to announce the availability of Jetty 9.1.2!

Close to 30 issues have been resolved in this release and we encourage folks
to update soon.  The issues resolved are listed below.

Distribution Downloads:


The artifacts are also available in Maven Central.  P2 repositories
are available as well.

If you find an issue with this release you can open a bug through the
guided bugzilla page located here:


A reminder that both dev and prod support are offered through Webtide
(, feel free to contact us through that site or ping
me directly if you are interested in learning more.


jetty-9.1.2.v20140210 - 10 February 2014
 + 408167 Complex object as session attribute not necessarily persisted.
 + 423421 remove org.slf4j and org.ow2.asm from jetty-all artifact
 + 424171 Old javax.activation jar interferes with email sending
 + 424562 JDBCSessionManager.setNodeIdInSessionId(true) does not work
 + 425275
   returns null when debug is enabled.
 + 425638 Fixed monitor module/xml typos
 + 425696 start.jar --add-to-start={module} results in error
 + 425703 Review [Queued]HttpInput.
 + 425837 Upgrade to jstl 1.2.2
 + 425930 JDBC Session Manager constantly reloading session if save intervall
   expired once
 + 425998 JDBCSessionIdManager fails to create maxinterval column
 + 426250 jetty-all should be deployed on release
 + 426358 NPE generating temp dir name if no resourceBase or war
 + 426481 fix < java 1.7.0_10 npn files
 + 426739 Response with Connection: keep-alive truncated.
 + 426750 isReady() returns true at EOF
 + 426870 HTTP 1.0 Request with Connection: keep-alive and response content
 + 427068 ServletContext.getClassLoader should only check privileges if a
   SecurityManager exists
 + 427128 Cookies are not sent to the server.
 + 427245 StackOverflowError when session cannot be de-idled from disk
 + 427254 Cookies are not sent to the client.
 + 427512 ReadPendingException in case of HTTP Proxy tunnelling.
 + 427570 externalize common http config to start.ini
 + 427572 Default number of acceptors too big.
 + 427587 MessageInputStream must copy the payload.
 + 427588 WebSocket Parser leaks ByteBuffers.
 + 427690 Remove Mux Extension and related support.
 + 427699 WebSocket upgrade response sends Sec-WebSocket-Protocol twice.

jesse mcconnell

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