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Re: [jersey-dev] Schedule for REST 3.1

No, Jersey does not have public nigtlies at the moment.

-- Jan

On 18.12.2020 8:42, Markus KARG wrote:

Thanks you for this information. Would be cool to have it as part of the Roadmap page in the wiki. :-)


Is there a nightly build available somewhere of the x branch?






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Hi Markus,

We use master for Jersey 2.x. We feel we have more customers on Jersey 2.x, many of them are unaware about Jakarta initiative, so we keep that for the time being. We use branch 3x for Jersey 3. We piggy-backed many changes from JAXRS_2_2 branch to 3x.


The main effort currently seems to be around Jakarta EE 9.1. Should Jakarta REST 3.1 be part of EE 9.1, we will start with Jersey 3.1 right after Christmas.





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Hi Jersey Developers,


looking at the rather outdated Wiki I wonder what your actualy plans are towards Jakarta REST 3.1?


The branch JAXRS_2_2 seems to be untouched since many months, and work on master does not contain those changes.


Can you please share your intention when this branch will be merged into master, and when (and where) Jersey 3.1-nightlies wie be available for testing?


Thanks a lot!


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