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Re: [jersey-dev] Jersey 2.30.1

Congratulations! :-)

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Im Auftrag von Jan Supol
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Betreff: [jersey-dev] Jersey 2.30.1

Dear Jersey users,

You may possibly have noticed already that Jersey 2.30.1 has been 
released. It is mostly a bug fix release to 2.30, and it has been 
released after we have passed a Release review process in the Eclipse 

Jersey 2.30 contained features mainly on the client side, where we 
introduced new PreInvocationInterceptor, PostInvocationInterceptor, and 
InvocationBuilderListener interfaces. We made the default Rx client 
using the AsyncInvoker (unlike the RxInvokerProvider). We worked hard to 
make the Apache HttpClient Connector working with the new Apache Http 
Client as fine as the old days. And we allowed the MP REST Client to 
work with any Jersey connector.

On both the client and server-side, we allowed the 
HeaderDelegateProvider to work again. We improved the integration with 
CDI. We allow some of the default AWT and/or XML related providers to be 
disabled as they may not be wanted in some configurations. And mainly, 
we made Jersey working properly with JDK 13.

Please give it a try and let us know how you like it.

Thank you,


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