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[jersey-dev] Jersey 2.29.1

Dear Jersey Community,

As you likely know, Jakarta community works hard on releasing Jakarta EE 8. Part of this, a new Jakarta RESTful Web Services API (2.1.6) is to be released.

Jersey 2.29 has been released in June, but we feel a new version of Jersey that consumes the new API would be a nice to have. For this, we plan to release 2.29.1 version of Jersey. This version will likely not contain any new feature compared to 2.29, but bug fixes will be included. For this release, that is to come right after APIs are released, feel free to submit a request for a fix of anything that you feel hurts you in Jersey that fits into the short Jersey 2.29.1 release time frame, on Jersey issue tracker:

Thank you.

For Jersey Team,


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