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Re: [jersey-dev] CI builds

+1 for Travis

+1 for simply copying the solution we have set up in the JAX-RS API project



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Subject: [jersey-dev] CI builds


Hi all,


I'm very happy to see that the Jersey code is available in the EE4J repository now. And I'm even more excited to see that there are already 9 pull requests ready to be merged.


One important thing that is required for reviewing pull requests is to get some information about if the build (and the tests) still pass with the modified code. Therefore, I think it is very valuable to have automated CI builds for pull requests and branches.


I would like to propose to use Travis CI for getting CI builds for Jersey. Travis is super easy to set up and free to use for public repository. The EE4J JAX-RS API project recently enabled it for the JAX-RS API and it is working fine. We are even running the build including the test against different JDK versions (see here) which is one of the great features of Travis.


Adding Travis for Jersey is really simply and just requires two steps.

  • The Eclipse webmasters have to enable Travis CI builds for the eclipse-ee4j/jersey repository. This can be requested by creating corresponding ticket.
  • We need a single file called ".travis.yml" in the root of the repository. This file contains the Travis configuration and defines how to build the project. See the corresponding file from the eclipse-ee4j/jaxrs-api project for an example. I could contribute a working configuration via a pull request if you agree on my proposal.

What do you think?





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