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Re: [jdt-dev] Number of executors in gerrit CI builds

The issue is that each build is taking so much time and JDT core/UI/Debug share the same set of executors.
JDT UI build which normally take 50 minutes is not completing after 3 hours also.
Bug 572275 4.20 JDT UI Gerrits taking extremely long time
Thanks & Regards,
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Subject: [EXTERNAL] Re: [jdt-dev] Number of executors in gerrit CI builds
Date: Thu, Mar 25, 2021 1:35 AM
On Wed, Mar 24, 2021 at 8:25 PM Gayan Perera <gayanper@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi All,
Seems like recently the wait time until the JDT build is started is really high, is there a possibility to add few more executors to jenkins so that we can build multiple gerrits parallely ?
See and . More executors are not free of use. Either those need to be funded, or you need to convince some "owner" of resource packs to "spend" one on JDT.
Mickael Istria
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