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[jdt-dev] Bug Creation, Description and more...JDT.Core

Dear contributors to JDT.Core,

Please note that it is essential that we file a bug for any change in JDT.Core - and it is required to fill in the description as to what is intended - in an enhancement / code improvement request, it is even more important that the suggestion/improvement is communicated clear and crisp in the description so that other contributors/committers can chime in effectively.

In the last few days, there were bug report without description, commit without bug number, gerrit patches without bug number etc in jdt.core - This would mean a lot of rework in terms of reverting the patches, recreating them once a bug is created, rebasing/merging, running the tests again and so on and so forth. I am sure that none of these was intentional but because of some mistake/oversight/omission; the intention of this mail is to remind you to do a check on whether the process is followed or not. if you have any clarification on the process, please refer to the LifeCycle of a Bug section in

I would like leave you with an example of some good description of an enhancement/improvement request, see: [Thanks Gayan!] and the discussions that followed.

Thanks to all the contributors/committers again!


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