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[jdt-dev] Adding N&N entries and triaging bugs for milestones

As no objection is received from PMC on the below e-mail proposal, requesting the committers to release N&N patches along with merging the enhancement/fix patches and not wait until the milestone week deadline (updated to Monday EOD for JDT). It reduces the additional follow-up efforts from the leads during the milestone week.
Also, a gentle reminder to please update all open bugs assigned to you before a milestone development freeze deadline.
A lot of N&N entries are being added today after follow-ups delaying the N&N content verification and testing performed by us on Tuesday. Also, there are still many bugs open for M3 with no updates. See [1] for JDT UI/Text.
Thanks & Regards,
----- Original message -----
From: Noopur Gupta/India/IBM
To: eclipse-pmc@xxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Adding N&N entries on time
Date: Tue, Jan 12, 2021 7:31 PM
The current deadline for adding N&N entries for a milestone release is Wednesday evening during the milestone week. However, as we do N&N testing and content editing on Tuesday, we miss the entries added later and need to revisit the content on Thursday which duplicates the effort. Also, if any issue is found based on the N&N entry on Thursday then it's too late for any changes in the milestone week.
To avoid these issues, I would like to propose that the N&N entry for any enhancement or noteworthy change should be added as and when the patch is merged before closing the bug report. For exceptions, the deadline should be moved from Wednesday evening to Monday evening which is also the last day of development for the milestone.
Thanks & Regards,

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