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Re: [jdt-dev] Code Freeze Exception

Hi Manoj,

There are two jobs that get triggered for every gerrit job

1. Gerrit validation job specific to each repository
2. Report-freeze-dates-to-Gerrit job from platform bot.

The second job reports a -1 when ever we are in stabilization phase of a milestone. This is an indication that we are in stabilization phase and commit only if required. You need to review the bug and merge only if required by removing -1 that came from the Report freeze dates job.


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Subject: [EXTERNAL] [jdt-dev] Code Freeze Exception

Hi Mickael, others,

Is there a way to configure a branch out of purview of the Code Freeze check?
For eg, the BETA_JAVA16 branch[] does not follow the milestones and hence the freeze doesn't apply.


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