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[jdt-dev] Project Lead election for Kalyan Prasad Tatavarthi on Eclipse Java development tools (JDT)

A project lead election for Kalyan Prasad Tatavarthi on project Eclipse Java
development tools (JDT) (eclipse.jdt) was started by Noopur Gupta with this

I would like to add Kalyan Prasad Tatavarthi as a project co-lead.

Kalyan is a JDT committer for three years. He has been helping me in various
activities like reviewing contributions, inbox management, testing and
verifying fixes, monitoring and fixing tests and builds, bug fixing,
enhancements, and working on new Java releases.

As the JDT project gets more diverse with a higher number of incoming
changes, having Kalyan as a co-lead will help in sharing my lead duties for

I hope that he will expand on his responsibilities and will actively
participate as a JDT co-lead.

Eclipse Java development tools (JDT) project committers can click the
election link below to vote.



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