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Re: [jdt-dev] JDT Gerrits - Please follow 4.18 Freeze Plan


It's time to face the truth: our communication is unclear. I have made the mistake, newcomers are making the mistake and future committers will make the mistake.

The endgame plan or the Simultaneous Release page should clearly display the frozen and unfrozen period, from date to date, complete period, without empty space.

Best regards,

Le mardi 24 novembre 2020 à 06:32:32 UTC+1, Manoj Palat <manoj.palat@xxxxxxxxxx> a écrit :


I see quite a few gerrits for JDT including a few from newcomers to jdt.core. If they are not urgent, request you to consider these after 4.18.

Also, just to make sure that everyone (including newcomers who may not be aware) follows the process for submitting, please go through to make sure that you get necessary reviews/approvals before submitting the code - we are already in the RC (RC1 now) phase.


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