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Re: [jdt-dev] "clean up" again


I prefer not arguing today in this tense situation. I will argue later in a more peaceful context.


Le mardi 26 mai 2020 à 20:55:48 UTC+2, Stephan Herrmann <stephan.herrmann@xxxxxxxxx> a écrit :


Another episode in the question whether clean up changes are worth the effort
they cause.

Today the Object Teams build got broken by
(which doesn't even have a bug that I could re-open).

Object Teams has tons of tests for checking that we don't break JDT. In that
context we have a subclass of org.eclipse.jdt.testplugin.JavaProjectHelper. This
no longer compiles since the above change.

Granted, the package is marked x-internal, so JDT has permission to change any
way we want.

OTOH note that every project that extends JDT is potentially interested in using
also code from the JDT test suite. Here we speak of a fairly large number of

I would not complain if the change was necessary to implement new functionality
or fix a bug, that's certainly covered by x-internal. But I strongly doubt that
this "clean up" has a benefit that justifies the consequences.

What problem is solved by adding private constructors? Are you doing it just
because it is possible? The commit message doesn't indicate you even thought of
the possibility that s.o. would subclass those classes.

It's too late for changing the code, because I need to fix this today for M3.

But please keep this in mind when doing further clean-up.

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