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[jdt-dev] JUnit plugin improvements?

Is this the correct place to submit improvements the jdt.junit plugin?

We have found in our usage of this plugin that its annoying that you cant
launch a test (run as junit) with the keep running option automatically
enabled, nor can you automatically specify the perspective to use for the
junit display (very annoying if you have debugging open a debug perspective,
but want junit tests to just run in the default perspective as a small
window or fast view).

Anyway - in an effort to learn plugin development have mostly completed a
junit preference dialog with these options and the appropriate modifications
to use these settings.

Is this of interest (I would like to submit it so I don't have to reapply
the changes over top of the next release)? A search of the eclipse groups,
say to just submit source to the relevent group - but I didn't see anything
detailing how best to do this. Is a patch file the correct way to do this -
and I do I just include it at the end of a post?

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